The Mouth Care Matters programme has now closed.

We want to take this opportunity to thank everyone that has supported the drive to improve the oral health for people of all ages in hospitals.

Helping people with mouth care is an essential part of patient care, a clean and comfortable mouth allows people to eat, communicate and is important for overall dignity.

The overall aim of Mouth Care Matters was to empower staff through training and education.  To identify people that need help with mouth care and ensure it is delivered in a safe and compassionate way. Maintaining good standards of mouth care is the responsibility of all health care professionals.

Poor oral health is linked to hospital acquired infections including pneumonia and by improving  the standards there are many benefits to our patients and staff

Over the last few years the MCM team  have trained people in over a hundred trusts across England

Mouth care really does matter for all , regardless of age being in a hospital, care home, school, hospice or own home

We have seen many improvements in the standards of mouth care on the wards  but there is still much more work to do. A range of resources developed are still available for anyone to use on the Mouth Care Matters Website ,so others can continue to improve and embed good mouth care.


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