Cost Benefit Analysis Report for Mouth Care Matters Programme

With the ever-increasing pressures placed upon our health and social care systems, any interventions made need to improve outcomes, increase safety and/or provide better value. The ideal scenario is all three are achieved by implementing the intervention. This report has been conducted to understand the impact achieved through the Mouth Care Matters programme.  It also looks at the return on investment and opportunity for wider roll out. The focus for the report is on the acute area of the programme.

Highlights seen in the cost benefit analysis Infographics, clearly demonstrate that:

  • Across Kent, Surrey and Sussex, the Mouth Care Matters programme is estimated to deliver value in the order of £2.66 of benefit within the health care system for every £1 invested in the project.
  • A further £17 is identified in social benefits for every £1 invested.

You can also read a copy of the full Report.

Mouth Care Matters Cost Benefit analysisCost Benefit analysis of Mouth Care matters programme report