Neuro-disability Resources

The below resources are available to view or download:

Mouth Care Recording and Assessment Tool

This Tool is based on the Recording and Assessment tool for adults, it has been adapted to be used in a Neuro-disability setting. It was designed for the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability, Putney which has good access to dental care, you may need to modify this tool for your own setting if no access to dental care.

Fact sheets:

The neuro-disability oral health factsheets were developed by a multi-disciplinary team at the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability. They provide information and guidance for health care professionals on maintaining good oral health.

People with a neuro-disability are more susceptible to problems with their mouths and providing oral care can sometimes be challenging.


Supporting people with a neuro-disability to maintain good oral health

Cleaning the mouth of an adult with a Neuro-Disability

Dry mouth in adults with a neuro-disability

Lip and tongue biting in people with a neuro-disability

Oral Hypersensitivity

Reduced saliva control in adults with a neuro-disability (drooling)

Care-resistant behavior towards mouth care in people with a neuro-disability

Mouth care for people with Huntington’s disease

Safe Oral Suctioning in Adults with a Neuro-disability

Denture care for adults with a neuro-disability


Each factsheet covers the key points and also provides practical information on how to support people to maintain a clean and comfortable mouth.


For further information, please contact the dental team at the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability at