Mouth Care Matters Guides Launched

This New Year we are delighted to be releasing a new Paediatric resource. 

This highly awaited Mini Mouth Care Matters Guide is full of valuable information to support making an improvement towards mouth care in a paediatric setting. 

The guide is a paediatric take on the original adult guide, covering a wide range of topics from the importance of oral health and well being, to suggested products for mouth care. 

This is an essential guide for any paediatric ward. 

You can download the guide from Here


Along with the release of the new Mini Mouth Care Matters guide, we are also excited to inform you we have been working hard to make sure we are up to date with the latest recommendations for the oral health of our adult population.

The original/adult guide was launched in 2016 and was written using many findings and statistics from audits undertaken at East Surrey Hospital.

Since the national launch of Mouth Care Matters we have delivered training to over 100 different trusts across England, many of whom have shared their audit findings and experiences with the Mouth Care Matters team. This data has been used to update the original guide.

This guide is dedicated to the memory of Katie Blake (1978-2018) who was a dental nurse/graphic designer and member of the original mouth care team at East Surrey Hospital. Katie was extremely passionate about improving mouth care in hospitals and was also designed many of the MCM resources that are used in hospitals all over England today.


You can download the updated guide from Here.