Mouth Care Matters Announces Its National Roll-Out

Mouth Care Matters (MCM) has appointed two Leads for the National Roll-Out following its success in acute Trusts in Kent, Surrey and Sussex.

Mouth Care Matters National LeadsSamantha King from Medway NHS Foundation Trust.

Samantha King a Dental Nurse with an Oral Health Qualification is very excited to be working on the National Rollout.  She recalls being inspired by a talk given by Dr Mili Doshi, the Clinical Lead for MCM.  Samantha has been leading MCM at Medway since 2016.  When the opportunity to participate in the National Rollout presented itself, she felt thrilled by the opportunity.

Almas Ataie from Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust

Almas Ataie a Speech and Language Therapist recalls having come in contact with the inspirational work of MCM in 2015.  Her work is bringing her in constant contact with patients highlighting the importance of oral health.  She explains good mouth care can have an impact on an individual in so many other ways than merely affecting a person’s mouth.  It can inhibit speech and language therapists from being able to do their jobs effectively.  It can impact an individual’s overall physical and emotional comfort level.   When the opportunity to work with MCM on a National Level became available, she was inspired to carry this important message forward.

Samantha and Almas will work to spread this important information and the MCM message nationally to Trusts.  Good oral care isn’t merely the absence of disease.  It can affect an individual in so many ways including connecting with other people.  The ability to smile, speak, eat and general overall wellbeing can have a direct bearing on the individual and their families.   This is a message that Samantha and Almas believe is very important.

To find out more about Mouth Care Matters or to express your interest, please email the team.