Find out more about our Mouth Care Matters lead at Frimley Health

Mouth Care Matters Lead at Frimley HealthJessica Cubberley, Mouth Care Matters Lead at Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust

I was a Health Care Assistant on an acute ward for three years, so have experienced the challenges faced on a day to day basis of those working on a ward.

So after I completed my Foundation Degree in 2016, I started work within the Clinical Education Team, training the trusts Bands 1-4.

Why I choose the role as Mouth Care Matters Lead:

I have always had a passion to promote best practice in different areas such as Sepsis. Promoting mouth care is an area that was out of my comfort zone,which means this role allows me to grow and become passionate about mouth care, increasing my own knowledge and  good practice.

I  also want to improve the awareness of the links between general health and oral health. Helping colleagues that are not sure how to address a challenging patient by increasing their knowledge and confidence through training.

Since becoming the Mouth Care Matters Lead, to date, these are a few things I have put in place at my trust:

  • Rolled out the use of Mouth Care Recording chart
  • Classroom and ward based training
  • Leaflets to promote nutrition/hydration week and how this links in with oral health.
  • Baseline Audits completed to allow monitoring of change in care.
  • Focus group meeting.
  • I am working alongside the multi-disciplinary and specialist teams to see how we can address and handle concerns.

As an individual promoting mouth care for my trust, in years to come I want my legacy to be:

I hope the mouth care charts are used to continue to promote oral health. That mouth care continually improves as a part of the daily routine.

I want everyone that cares for patients to have an understanding of the importance of oral health, through training all new starters and then regular refresher training.

Response so Far

The response in my trust so far has been very positive. There is engagement at all levels and are everyone is welcoming a positive change.