Mini Mouth Care Matters Resources

The below Mini Mouth Care Matters resources are available to view or download:

Please note, you will need access to google drive to download some of these resources.


Mini Mouth Care Matters Guide – (Coming soon)

This guide complements the Mini Mouth Care Matters training.  The information to the best of our knowledge is up-to-date and evidence-based.

Mini Mouth Care Assessment and Recording Form (with Elephant Mascot)

This tool has been developed by the Mini Mouth Care Matters team, by working alongside nursing staff and allied health care professions. It has been audited and modified based on feedback. The recording pack consists of two parts (a) Mouth care assessment – to plan what support and care is needed (b) Daily recording sheet. This form can be adapted to be used in different formats. For example, some use it as a stand-alone tool, others have it as part of a bundle of nursing care plans and others use it digitally.

Mini Mouth Care Assessment and Recording Form (Without Elephant Mascot)

This version is the same as the above assessment and recording form but without the Elephant Mascot.

Product Order Information

The purpose of this guide is to provide hospital staff with information on how to order suitable mouth care products for inpatients. Mini Mouth Care Matters is not affiliated with any brand, company or product.

Mini Mouth Care Matters Policy

This policy can be used and adapted by those who wish to develop a mouth care policy in their place of work.


Mini Mouth Care Matters Elephant Mascot

Elwood the Elephant, the Mini MCM mascot acts as an aide memoir for ward staff to remind of the importance of asking about oral health daily, to ensure that they ‘Lift the Lip’ and ‘Put the Mouth Back into the Body’.

The Mascot can be used as a single or double elephant to identify those patients who can independently look after their oral health (single), or those that require assistance (double).

Single MCM Elephant

Single elephant mascot,  for independent patients.

Double MCM Elephant

Double elephant mascot, is to be used when a patient needs support or a reminder to perform mouth care.


This poster is an easy to remember acronym reminding healthcare professionals of the key important messages associated with Mini MCM.


Have You Remembered Your Toothbrush?

A poster for outpatient areas with key messages to promote good oral health for patients and families.

Have You Remembered Your Toothbrush? (Inpatients with Medical Conditions)

As above, but with additional section highlighting additional care that may be needed for those with patients with additional medical needs.



These short animation clips are for staff/carers and family who support patients in hospital with mouth care.

Now You Have Teeth


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